Reasons That Make Lotus Wellness and rehabilitation Center The Most Sort After Luxury Rehab In The World
Dr G Om Prakasham
Chairman, Lotus Wellness
Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

The key to finding a good and ideal rehab is looking for one that fulfills your specific requirements. In this blog, we shall discover some top reasons that make Lotus Wellness the most sort after and Best Rehabilitation center in the World.

• 1. Super Speciality Rehab : As the leading alcohol & drug addiction rehabilitation center, Lotus Wellness offers multiple treatment options involving various specialist Doctors for Addiction Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Overall Wellness . We have an eminent team of highly qualified and experienced Doctors both in Allopathy and Ayurveda fields of medicine .

• 2. High Rate of Recovery : The higher the rate of recovery in terms of patient count and overall results, the higher would be the rehab center’s rating. Lotus Wellness with a recovery rate of 98 percent is known to offer one of the most effective Deaddiction programs in India, which eventually makes it an ideal destination for best treatment for drug and alcohol addiction.

• 3. Our Focus is on Underlying Problems:
Our counselors and rehab experts at Lotus Wellness focus on treating the underlying problem or root cause of an addiction. Many people who get addicted to drugs, alcohol or even gambling often suffer from underlying mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, which are also treated at our rehab center.

• 4. Individual and Group Therapies:
Another reason why Lotus Wellness is the most sort after and best rehabilitation center in the world is because of our ability to offer different therapies to drug, alcohol, food and gambling addictions . The psychologists at Lotus offer individual one on one therapy, group therapy, yoga and Meditation therapy, Ayurvedic Massage therapy and even relapse prevention to treat patients adequately. All our therapies are guided towards the four pillars of health , namely Physical , Mental , Emotional and Spiritual wellbeing .

• 5. Focus on Family:
Our team of rehabilitation specialists at Lotus don’t simply restrict their focus on the clients only. The team of rehab experts and psychologists offer family programs to educate the family members about different addiction related problems that further enables them to offer effective treatment to their family members suffering from addiction.

• 6. Committed and Accredited Team Members:
No matter what you do make sure that you pick a luxury rehabilitation center that has hired both accredited and committed members in their team. The Consultant Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, nurses, CBT experts, music therapist and other staff members at Lotus Wellness are highly professional and dedicated towards their respective roles and duties at the centre. All team members share a common passion for Recovery of Guests coming to Lotus .

• 7. Leadership:
It takes great leadership qualities to build the right team and most sort after reputed rehabilitation centre. At Lotus Wellness, the leadership team has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of Detox , Substance and Alcohol addiction treatment, offering a variety of de addiction programs that help in recovery. We focus on creating the best and most effective de Addiction programs for our clients that would help them achieve sobriety comfortably.

• 8. On-going Support: Rehabilitation does not end with de addiction treatment alone. Lotus Wellness offers on-going support, counselling, and various kinds of therapies that ensure that the addiction problem in clients does not relapse.

• 9. Five star category Facilities:
One more reason why Lotus Wellness is perfect for rehabilitation treatment is the fact that the center offers excellent facilities and amenities for clients from all across the world. Guests are offered luxury private suites, lush green gardens, variety of indoor and outdoor games, nutritious meals , yoga and meditation , Ayurvedic massages , art therapy, pebble walking and a world class gym to work on the mind and body that help all clients to recover quickly.

• 10. Accredited & Licensed:
If you need top-notch treatment and facilities to treat your addiction problems, then it is advisable that you opt for Lotus Wellness. The centre is a government accredited and licensed luxury rehab centre that is renowned for offering best in class treatment options and amenities to patients from all walks of life.


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