Gambling Addiction
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Compulsive gambling is the uncontrollable desire to gamble despite negative financial, emotional and interpersonal consequences. Activities that fall under the umbrella of gambling include playing casino slot machines and card tables, playing the lottery, betting on horses and entering raffles. Today, there is also a wide range of gambling games available online.
Symptoms of gambling addiction include a fixating on gambling, experiencing financial debt or hardship related to gambling and making lifestyle accommodations to perpetuate gambling. Gambling addiction may begin when a person feels that they can quickly solve financial problems by gambling a small amount of money to win a large amount of money. Inevitably, a person loses money and feels that they have to win their losses back, initiating a vicious cycle.
Sex and Love Addiction
Sex addiction and love addiction are disorders related to intimacy. Sex addiction is the compulsive desire to obtain sexual arousal and characterized by a fixation on sexual activities that may be used to alleviate stress or heighten mood. A person with sex addiction cannot control their desires, may engage in unsafe sex practices and has extreme thoughts about partners of interest and sexual activity. Love addiction is a dysfunctional compulsion to pursue romantic love and romantic satisfaction. A person with love addiction believes that love will solve everything and seeks romantic fulfillment to bolster their self-worth and sense of security. Often, this leads people to engage in unhealthy, self-defeating relationship dynamics. Lotus Rehabilitation Centre offers a Highly Confidential love and Sex De Addiction program which is very effective.
Lotus Wellness Sex and Love Addiction
Internet Addiction
Internet addiction is classified as extreme internet use that gets in the way of a person’s daily functioning. Internet addiction disrupts effective time management and can result in health and mental health consequences, including obesity, loss of sleep, depression and impaired social skills. Internet addiction was noted in the DSM-5 as a disorder that needs more research before it can be officially classified as a mental health condition. Lotus Luxury Rehab offers a 30 days Residential Internet De Addiction Treatment program that would help one overcome his or her Mobile or Internet Addiction.
Exercise Addiction
Exercise addiction is a detrimental obsession with health, fitness, and exercise. Exercise addiction can result from eating or body image disorders. Exercise addiction may be related to a dependency on the pleasure response people experience after exercising as the body releases feel-good endorphins. Excessive weight loss, injury, and poor mental health are potential outcomes of exercise addiction. Lotus Wellness, Coimbatore is India’s Best Ultra Luxurious Rehab. The Exercise De Addiction offered here is Top rated in India.
Lotus Wellness Exercise Addiction
Shopping Addiction
Lotus Wellness Shopping Addiction
Shopping Addiction is a compulsive spending problem that is impulsive, excessive and out of control. Shopping addiction can cause significant impairment in a person’s life, family, and finances. Individuals with a shopping addiction experience a euphoric high from shopping, which serves to reinforce and encourage the behavior. However, because they usually feel remorseful and uncomfortable after a spree, people with shopping addiction tend to be secretive about their shopping habits. People with shopping addictions may shop to boost their self-esteem or combat other mental health conditions, such as anxiety or depression. Lotus Wellness, Coimbatore is a World class Addiction Treatment Centre . The De Addiction program offered here for Shopping Addiction is most sort After. And, it is highly effective.
Work Addiction
Work addiction occurs when a person works compulsively to reduce apprehension and feelings of guilt they experience when they are not working. Work addiction is characterized by extreme loyalty and excessive devotion to work, often to the detriment of an individual’s personal life and physical and emotional well-being. Risk factors that can lead to work addiction include financial stress, fear of being laid off, or personal motivation to achieve a certain level of achievement or success. Lotus De Addiction Centre, Coimbatore is known to offer the best Work-Life Balance Workshops that would help one attain the Right Balance between one’s Professional ,Personal, Social and Family life.
Porn Addiction
Porn Addiction is another compulsive behavior where an undue amount of time is spent watching pornography instead of socializing with others or completing daily activities. People with porn addiction often feel embarrassed and ashamed about their habit, but continue to view porn despite any negative consequences that it has on their life. Lotus is a Inpatient Addiction Treatment Rehab that offers a 30 Days De Addiction program for Porn Addiction.
Food addiction
Food addiction can be classified as a process addiction, as well as an eating disorder. Food addiction occurs when a person cannot stop eating despite negative consequences such as unhealthy weight gain or other health problems. An eating addiction can result in cravings, tolerance, and withdrawal. People with an eating addiction may use food to alleviate negative emotions and feelings of stress. Lotus has got a in house spa by the name Thamarai, Which in Tamil Language means Lotus. There are very effective Weight Loss programs offered For guests with Food Addiction here. There is also a World Class Gym by the name “Fitness Hub”. Along with the right guidance available at the Center, One Could easily Loose the Extra Weight.
Video game addiction
Video game addiction is a pattern of gaming habits that involve a lack of impulse control and continuance of gaming despite dire consequences on mental, physical or emotional health. In other words, video game addiction involves compulsive game playing. Lotus Wellness Rehab offers a 30 Days Residential Video game De Addiction program that is very rewarding.

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