Why I believe in investing in yourself
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By Dr G Om Prakasham
Chairman, Lotus Wellness
Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

Self-investment is probably one of the greatest showcases of self-love to yourself. In a way it is the most profitable investment you will ever make, especially if you do this consistently. It is a large determining role in your future and the quality of life you want to live. 

Many times there are a few things that holds people back from investing in themselves:
1. They think it is expensive: In a recent Opinion Poll, they shared that people think self-care isn’t a priority for consumers because 44% of them believe self-care is only possible for people with enough time. Which is actually untrue and by investing in yourself can daily life have lasting benefits. 
2. They do not have the time: This is a continued excuse we all make when we have fear about starting something. We say things like I have work, kids, meetings, etc – which we all have but we also make time to binge watch TV shows, etc. 
3. They do not know where to start: There are a ton of resources out there but many do not know where to start. However, we cannot use our fear as an excuse to not make a change in our lives. Growth just does not happen if you do not start.
4. Lack of Confidence: This is a big one. When you do not believe you are worthy of yourself and investing in yourself then you will not even take the moment to invest in yourself. And as the saying goes ‘you cannot help others if you don’t help yourself’. 

But we need to flip the script – the expensive thought, time excuse, fear and lack of confidence are stories we make up in our heads to be scared of what could be. We need to stop sitting on our couches everyday and binge watching shows instead of spending that time on other things (don’t worry you can still binge every now and then). 

We have to rise up to know the list above is untrue and to stop being afraid to take a chance- on yourself.

So I decided to help you flip the script with the above:
1. Investing in yourself is for all: Investing in yourself is for all because there are resources from free to inexpensive. Start with a Self Love Beauty workshop on demand for the least possible rates or take a virtual program to start with . Also a face mask, a meditation session and much more are available for free. 

2. Time is what I make it: You have time- I promise! It does not mean that investing happens three hours a day but maybe just 15 minutes for a few days and then spending one day with a little more time. It is about carving out a schedule , having a talk with yourself, with your partner and your support system.  

3. Start small: There are a ton of resources so start small, start by reading blogs, or podcasts or a book or by signing up for your first ever workshop – start small and slowly grow into investing in yourself. 

4. I am worthy: This is a big one. You are so worthy of investment so start by standing in front of the mirror and saying this over and over again until you are ready to make that investment. 

We have the choice everyday to commit to ourselves and treat investment in ourselves like we would with other people. You are worthy but you have to take that step. 

This will be the best decision you ever make (I promise). I know from my own experience that investing in myself changed my life for the better.

Ask yourself these questions:
• What will happen if I do not invest in yourself?
• If I wait to invest in myself, where will I be?
• With all my goals, what will happen if I don’t choose to invest in myself? 
• Why do I feel I am unworthy of investing in myself? 

Think about it. Really think about it. Because I can speak from experience that I feel so much stronger and confident because of the investment I have done in myself. 

I personally make sure to work out everyday, get good sleep, listen to podcasts, spend time with smart and educated individuals, laugh and structure out breaks for myself –  all of these are free. The things that I personally spend money on are conferences, workshops and coaches and have been doing it for years.

Overtime, it shows when people have more confidence from investing in themselves, they:
• Have More self-awareness 
• Make decisions, and keep their “why” in mind as they do
• Are willing to learn job skills that enable them to earn a living
• Set and reach goals large or small
• Have more self-love 
• Are more resilient and have the ability to process through negative feedback more effectively
• Listen & are more mindful of others
• Help & give back to their communities
• Have more mental and emotional stability
• Know their purpose & meaning and utilize it

So if you are ready to invest in yourself, attend a Self love workshop or contact us at Lotus Wellness in Coimbatore, India .Together, let’s start showing the world how investing in yourself can change your life .

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