In a medical setting, holistic therapy addresses mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health conditions while considering social and economic issues. The difference between traditional and holistic therapy is that in conventional rehabs only the psychological, behavioral patterns and ramifications of traditional therapy are observed and treated.In holistic therapy, the person’s entire being is looked at and treated at a 360-degree angle.
Holistic medicine is used worldwide and incorporates many fundamentals of Indian Ayurveda , Naturopathy , meditation and yoga that have shown positive results in treating various medical issues. Holistic Therapy at Lotus for Addiction Treatment focuses on treating and healing the underlying conditions causing a person to use and abuse drugs and alcohol. Deep-rooted issues are frequently rooted in past trauma that a person has carried around for many years and has yet to realize or heal from. When these underlying conditions are not treated, the individual will likely relapse or have a tough time changing the course of their behavior and cravings.

* Every person has natural healing powers
* A patient is a person, not a disease
* Healing takes a team approach involving the patient and doctor. They work together to address all aspects of a person’s life through various non-traditional treatment methods.
* Treatment consists of fixing the cause of the condition, not just alleviating the symptoms.


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