Our holistic wellness offerings strengthen your addiction treatment plan by teaching you ways to cultivate total wellness ⎼ mind, body, and spirit. A variety of evidence-based, alternative treatments help you manage withdrawal, tackle your doubts and fears, and embrace change, so you can begin to redefine what it truly means to live a healthy life free from drugs and alcohol. Lotus plays a key role in promoting holistic wellness which encompasses five major dimensions of complete well-being – Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Social and Lifestyle.

Lotus - Best Holistic Rehab in India
At Thamarai , Our Spa

We have developed novel methods of assessing health by combining the concepts of traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and the present day biomedicine in a scientific way.

 We offer multitude physical treatments/therapies from an array of holistic healthcare streams such as Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy.

 All therapies are designed based on individual specific, ailment specific and seasonal specific that adheres to the classical methods of treatment suitably innovated for ultimate efficacy as well as comfort.

Along with Customized and professional service we offer specialized satwik diet. The menu is recommended considering the health conditions monitored and designed by doctors.

 Strict adherence to scientific Ayurvedic principles and Yoga practice.
Lotus- Best Wellness Center In India
Thamarai Spa Special

Ayurvedic Treatment at Lotus

Lotus Wellness is One Of A Kind Center in India where Ayurvedic Treatments are used in Addition to Allopathic De Addiction Treatment so that they compliment one and another. The Chance of Recovery from addiction have been found to be Very high here.



Local & Full Body Compress


Heal chronic ailments with natural remedies
Colon Hydro Therapy



Jal Neti

Cupping Therapy



Mud Therapy

Eye Wash

Rejuvenate with effective therapies

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