Separating libations from social situations in Indian culture is about as easy as separating hassle from air travel. A recent study in the Journal of the Indian Medical Association found that alcohol consumption is on the rise in the India , especially among women, older adults, ethnic minorities, and the socioeconomically disadvantaged. Going out for drinks is such a staple of Indian culture that establishing a natural, rich, and fulfilling social life is a legitimate challenge for those who pass on the party scene. For those who resist liquid luncheons, thirsty Thursdays, not-so-happy hours, and whiskey sours, it is important to have some ways of staying sober in a “let’s grab a drink” culture.
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Lorus Wellness Shirodhara – Benefits And Importance In Ayurveda

Shirodhara – Benefits And Importance In Ayurveda

What Is Shirodhara?
Shirodhara is a classic Ayurvedic therapy or the practice of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or medicated decoctions on the forehead. The therapy induces a relaxed state of awareness that results in a psychosomatic balance. Intense feelings of wellness, mental lucidity, and comprehension are experienced in the Shirodhara treatment.
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Benefits of Ayurveda and How it can enhance the quality of your life!

Our constantly on the go modern lifestyles leave little time for us to take a pause and focus on ourselves. Covid has forced us to comprehend just how dangerous it is to ignore our health and well-being, allowing us to re-shift our focus on healthy lifestyles which enrich both our physical and mental health. This is where Ayurveda also steps in. Ayurveda is the organic study of human physiology and psychology based on ancient texts passed through ages and civilizations dating back to the Vedic Era. Read More “Benefits of Ayurveda and How it can enhance the quality of your life!”

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