Annapurna- The Lotus Kitchen

Annapurna- God’s own kitchen

Named after the Hindu Goddess of Food & Nourishment, ‘Farm to Table’ and ‘Ingredients driven’ is how you describe our homely kitchen at Lotus. It flaunts a casual yet chic setting; it’s easy going and friendly vibe is unmistakable. The Market Fresh, Healthy & Tasty menu, changes daily and does everything in its power to satisfy your cravings.

Thamarai- Lotus Spa

Thamarai – The Spa

Thamarai in Tamil language means Lotus flower, The pure and lovely . It is a traditional Ayurvedic Therapy Center where all our guests can unwind both Body and mind . Our Therapists will help you Recover, Rejuvenate and Revive.

Nalanda- Lotus Interactive Learning Center

Nalanda – Interactive Learning Center

Named after the ancient undisputed seat of learning, Nalanda was known for Diversity, a knowledge ecosystem thriving on shared creation of new knowledge and an International outlook . It’s a perfect LearningScape for learning, collaboration and play .

Nine Rivers- Lotus Rehab Accommodation

Nine Rivers- Bespoke Designed Guest Suites

Have the ultimate experience at our Eco friendly boutique Rehab’s suites! Our Nine suites named after the Nine sacred life giving rivers of India exemplify sustainable Luxury Recovery.

Champions- Lotus Recreation Center

Champions – The Recreation Center

“Champions are not born. They’re made.” Our Recreation Center has been aptly named “Champions” , so as to remind and bring out the champion residing within each of our clients.

Fitness Hub- Lotus Gym

Fitness Hub – The Gym

‘Look Fit , Feel Fit ‘ is what we strive for at Fitness Hub. Complete with a Spa , Massage Therapists and Personal Trainers , you’re practically treated like royalty. It’s Ambience is sure to keep your energy levels up and increase your stamina .

Lotus Rehab - Entertainment

Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

We offer a wide range of Indoor and Outdoor Games and Activities to meet the varied cultural, Entertainment and Recreational interests of our Guests so as to help them stay motivated and make them mentally and physically strong . They have the option of Gyming , reading , gardening, meditating, performing yoga and watching movies . These activities would help foster bonding among fellow inmates, put them at ease and help them in their recovery.

Lotus- High Security Rehab

Master Security – 24/7 Total Protection

Remaining safe is the number one priority for any of our family members. Lotus is a Safe house for all. We ensure all guests are 100% safe physically , mentally and emotionally with 24/7 camera surveillance and highly trained Security Personnel.
Lotus- Loving and Caring Rehab

Round The Clock Support , Care & Love

Love All, Love is all in Lotus . We are a home like set up where every client is treated like Family . We only take a selected number of clients so as not to compromise on the personalised care . Our team of qualified experts are happy to offer their helpful hand and support 24/7 to help all heal and get back to a normal life .

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