Is Addiction a Disease or Choice? Lotus Wellness and Rehabilitation Center Explains
Dr G. Om Prakasham
Chairman, Lotus Wellness
Consultant Cardiac Surgeon

We believe that a person who is addicted to alcohol or drugs is motivated to seek substances by one of four underlying conditions:

• A Chemical Imbalance
• Events of the past that you have not reconciled
• Current conditions you can’t cope with
• Things you believe that aren’t true

Using a one-on-one treatment approach, our therapists will focus on healing the underlying conditions that are causing you to use a substance.

Lotus Wellness spends a lot of time gathering the finest treatment professionals you could ever find. As a result, our clients frequently tell us these are the best people they have ever worked with. Here is a list of the therapists and doctors that will be on your team.

• Medical Doctor
• Psychiatrist
• Psychologist
• Marriage and Family Therapist
• Chemical Dependency Counselor
• Acupuncturist
• Hypnotherapist
• Spiritual Counselor
• Physical Trainer
• Aftercare Planner

If you have been bored in treatment centers that use the old cookie-cutter group meeting approach, you will be amazed by the holistic one-on-one treatment at Lotus.

At Lotus, we focus on healing the underlying conditions that are causing you to use drugs and alcohol. We do this by utilizing a highly individualized treatment program with therapists who are experienced in healing the underlying causes of addiction. We do not use the conventional 12 Step program because we believe that it teaches a philosophy that is detrimental to healing and can lead to relapse. Our holistic one-on-one approach is far superior to the 12 Step program and offers state-of-the-art services that will keep you engaged and enthusiastic about healing. During treatment, you will feel empowered instead of powerless. We do not label anybody an addict or alcoholic, nor do we believe that they have a disease. We have found that damaging labels, such as addict and alcoholic would rob you of your true identity.
It’s the treatment philosophy at Lotus that sets us apart from all other rehab centers in Coimbatore , India . We choose to empower you and heal your underlying conditions rather than label you an addict and tell you that you have a disease.
Ever since opening the doors at Lotus Rehab ,hundreds of people from all over India and the world have undergone our life-changing philosophy. Our Team has successfully established a treatment program that has helped save the lives of hundreds of people .There are very few rehab Centers today who know and understand how to pinpoint and heal addiction-related issues well.
For most people who have visited Rehabs seeking recovery for their loved ones , it’s very familiar and common to repeatedly hear “Alcoholism and addiction are diseases, and Mr X or Mrs Y will always be an addict.” But, that was not the answer we were going to accept. So instead, we paved the way for a new and refreshing style of looking at addiction as a disease or a forever broken mentality that has been found to be damaging and outdated.
12 Step meetings, 12 Step sponsorships, and doctors who preach the 12 Step methodology continue to fail many help seeking people. Deaddiction programs at Lotus are created and customized around One’s specific needs in healing. We Offer a holistic therapy plan that would help a client completely break free from his substance abuse-related issues and live a healthy life free from addiction.
It is because of the Lotus variant of 12 Step treatment program that people from Tamilnadu and rest of India are able to end the cycle of their addiction and heal the underlying causes driving them to use and abuse drugs and alcohol.
From Coimbatore to Chennai , Delhi, Mumbai , Pune , Bengaluru , Hyderabad and rest of India we have inspired change and transformation in people for who wanted to be free of drug and alcohol abuse.

Lotus Wellness and Rehabilitation Center in Coimbatore is one of the most sort after De Addiction Treatment Centers in India . Lotus is known to offer Holistic Treatment for Detox , Addiction and Wellness .

Reclaim your Life ! Freedom from your Addiction to Alcohol and Drugs begins here …

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